We are community based and child focused. Our passion is to improve the lives of poorest children through education support, healthcare and nutrition, child protection and advocacy. We work together with private and government aided schools, churches and other partner organizations. It is evident that the time we have hosted volunteers, our children both at home and at school have improved their English speaking skills, critical thinking, creative writing and multiple competencies in class. Parents and care givers have also learnt transferable skills that improve their well being and protection of their children. Through our approach (holistic development approach) children will experience a better today and brighter tomorrow. Kindly join us for this cause.You don’t need any qualification to volunteer here, all we need is people with the passion and wiliness to help people who are less fortunate than themselves, however some activities require qualified people in a specific field. I am looking for like minded people of different categories that include teachers, nurses, social workers, architects, fund-raisers, psychologists, book writers, child protection and human rights advocates and those with skills that include environmental management and protection, community and women empowerment, spiritual nurture, rural economic development and early childhood development. Volunteers are needed throughout the year.

Working with us is an excellent opportunity to combine adventurous foreign travel with a worthwhile job as a volunteer. You will improve your transferable skills such as planning, team-working, presentation, communication and rural development. Above all, this is an unrivaled opportunity to gain an insight into a completely different culture and way of life.

We can host intern students from different parts of the World. Our activities are so practical to enable students develop hands on experience of how non government organizations operate.
You can also come and spend your holiday here in a more meaningful way as we share different experiences that will enrich your skills.

Duration of the stay can be discussed with any one interested. Our community people and children are so welcoming and friendly. We have a beautiful weather, anyone can easily adjust to it. Volunteers will have a chance to visit different places here and learn more about our culture and the environment. Expect to have lots of fun with us. Have you ever crossed the equator? Expect this on your first day in Uganda.

If not interested in the above, we can host you as a family. We want to meet new people and make new friends in different parts of the World. Come and teach us English, we also desire to learn different languages. We are so out going friendly and God fearing.