Taata Kids International School handles a Nursery and a Primary in Namakwekwe Estate – Uganda.

Ten years ago, the school started as an orphanage school. At first, the school welcomed 30 children aged from 3 to 6 years old and 4 teachers were hired.

Today the school the school got 360 students, from baby class (3yo) to Primary seven (14yo). The staff is composed of 22 peoples (teachers, cooks, cleaners, assistants…)

All the subjects are teaching in English language (mathematics, sciences, socials studies, English, sport education or religious education). At the end and also during the terms also, students get examinations

The school starts at 7:00 am on the morning, and end at 5:00 pm. And breakfast and lunch are provided by the school.

About the fees payments:

  • By term, for Baby Class: 120,000 UGS, so for a school year: 360, 000 UGS
  • By term, from Middle Class to Primary 7: 170,000 UGS, so for a school year: 510 000 UGS
  • By term we got examination fee: 5,000 UGS obligatory for each kid.

 You can pay by cash or by Bank Transfer.

  • For information, BANK ACCOUNT:


A/C NUMBER:            108301000001

BANK NAME:              FINCA

BRANCH:                    MBALE

  • You have to know, that at the first time there is registrations fees about 10,000 UGS

We ask to our students to wear an uniform, white socks and black shoes.

School requirements:

  • School uniform: 25,000 UGS
  • School sweater:25,000 UGS
  • Sportwear:25,000 UGS

 It’s also required for each student some furnitures.

The school welcomes students with a lot of different backgrounds: some are orphans, some got big families, some kids are raising by brothers, sisters or even some siblings (like the grandmother). We also have some students who comes from the neighborhood. And we also get students who come with a “nice” background.

Most of our students come every day by walk, in boda boda (motorcycle taxi) or by car.

At Taata Kids International School, all the kids are students when they get through the school gate.

To sum up, our vision is to have quality education to Africa.

We try to raise money, here is the link :