Pleas feel free to go through volunteer’s feedback as below:

I had a wonderful time here in Mbale in Feb-April 2016. I taught English to Primary classes 6 and 7 at the Namakwekwe school. It was a great experience. Mbale is a great town of a good size with a supermarket, lots of bars and restaurants, resorts with pools that you can swim at and a beautiful mountain to climb (you should climb it!!). There… read more

Great experience, Abraham, Peter, Jackline and all the kids staff will take care of you. You can definitely enjoy your staying. The place is safety, and Peter will be more then happy to escort you everywhere, even around the montains, not that far from namakwekwe. Don’t miss the opportunity to help more then 250 beautiful kids divided into two… read more

I  was here for only a month and half in January and February this year, but it was a very incredible time, during which I made good friends and had great experiences and am now able to cherish the memories. The majority of time is laid back and relaxed and volunteers have a lot of free time on their hands to explore the community, go hiking, or… read more

I felt home here. People are very friendly, sincere and hospitable in Uganda. Children are always excited to see you – “Mzungu” (i.e. white man/woman). The Organization is absolutely incredible – very democratic, devoted to their mission, effective, always welcoming new ideas, supporting and implementing them. Teachers are loving and… read more




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