Sponsoring a child means pay the school for a year or more, develop a friendship with a sunny kid. But it also makes the children happy (because they are curious, they ask so many questions to the volunteers who come from all over the world, to help the school) But you can also for example make a single mother the happiest girl of Uganda, or a family who will save money for future and so on…) You can be an opportunity to raise the kids and he could have a better future, but his siblings and the family also.  

In exchange we will send you photos, videos, drawings, letters or reporting marks. And of course, you can write to the kid, send whatever you want. 

To be sure that the money you will give, will really be use for the child education, Taata Kids will receive the money. 

About the fees payments:

  • By term, for Baby Class: 120,000 UGS, so for a school year: 360, 000 UGS
  • By term, from Middle Class to Primary 7: 170,000 UGS, so for a school year: 510 000 UGS
  • By term we got examination fee: 5,000 UGS obligatory for each kid.
  • You have to know, that at the first time there is registrations fees about 10,000 UGS
  • We ask to our students to wear an uniform, white socks and black shoes.

School requirements:

  • School uniform: 25,000 UGS
  • School sweater:25,000 UGS
  • Sportwear:25,000 UGS

contrary to European system, school is not mandatory. Free school doesn’t exist. The fees are expensive, and many parents can’t afford to pay for their children’s education. These kids are in the streets and sometimes they have to work (child labor). Actually, according to the estimation, around 45% of Uganda’s children are still non-educated and don’t go to school.