TAATA KIDS  has a well trained and competent staff that works with the children and community to ensure satisfaction of their beneficiaries. The staff on several occasions attend trainings in Counseling , Advocacy, Psycohosocial support, Child Protection, Child Rights. These have worked closely with the children to ensure that the attained skills are fully utilised. The trainings have been fundamental, and the staff together with the children and community have testified of the works of TAATA KIDS.

Abrasham  is a very competent, hard working and passionate for the children. He visionary leadership has kept the organisation in progress.

The main functions of the TAATA KIDS  are:
  • Coordination, planning and development of TAATA KIDS programs
  • Support supervision to program managers
  • Program Monitoring, Audits and Evaluation
  • Staff training and development
  • Representation of TAATA KIDS  organization
  • National meetings and Retreats
  • Fundraisings
  • Advocacy, documentation and dissemination of TAATA KIDS  functions
  • Board Training and development
  • Initiation of new TAATA KIDS  programs