Uganda has the largest orphan population per capital of any country in the world and is home to some 8 million orphans and vulnerable children whose families have been devastated by HIV/AIDS or extreme poverty.  TAATA KIDS   Orphanage School has more than 250 pupils. These are orphans but who are lucky to have an old grandmother to look after within the village. Both the Orphanage and the Orphanage School entirely depends on the love, kindness, support and willingness of people like you and volunteers like us.

Getting every child to school

Raised in poverty, children sacrifice their futures for lack of school fees, textbooks, uniforms, backpacks, and pencils. Your gift will help train teachers and get a child the tools to fulfill their God-given potential.

Make a donation today to not only give children the chance to go to school, but also save their lives and protect their childhoods.

There are 3 academic terms in a year, each academic term running for 3months from and then 3 short holidays of 1 months after every academic term.

We want to thank all friends who makes sure that children at TAATA KIDS Orphanage Center gets good feeding, education, medical care and other basic needs monthly.

We much appreciate. God bless you abundantly.

Your donate by using Mobile  Money on  www.worldremit.com

User name: Abraham Robert Kintu

Airtel line: +256753434999

Its very quick and cheapest

Thank You for Your Financial Support

Thank you for considering financial involvement with Highway Of Holiness –TAATA KIDS. Your gift will help spread to save street children, orphans and needy mothers.