Why Girls?

The benefits of providing African girls with an education are clear. Educated girls help break the cycle of poverty. Girls who go to school are more likely to enter


the work force, earn higher incomes, delay marriage, plan their families, and seek an education for their own children.

When girls in developing African nations receive an education and earn income, they put 90 percent of their earnings into their families, compared only to 40 percent for men. When a girl in the developing world goes to school for seven or more years, she marries four years later than she otherwise would and has two or more fewer children. The children she does have are more likely to be healthy and survive past the age of five.

TAATA KIDS is committed to improving education in Africa for girls. Many of our member organizations provide educational scholarships and stipends to girls. They provide immediate, concrete, educational support and know what it takes to help girls go to school and stay in school. They are trusted and supported within the African communities they serve.

A New Approach

To reach girls denied education because of poverty and tradition, “you’ve got to tailor things better . . . you can’t do more of the same,” according to World Bank Economists Maureen Lewis. We do just that. Our members providing girls education understand what it takes to reach girls who would otherwise be overlooked. They are making a real difference in the lives of girls want to go to school.

Complex factors bar girls from education in Africa. To overcome the barriers of costs, culture, and tradition, organizations must understand local needs and be trusted by local communities. TAATA KIDS’s member organizations are small, agile, and embedded in the African communities they serve. They understand what it takes and help bring solutions to African problems—including girls’ education. They have a history of supporting students who enroll in school, stay in school, and complete their educations.

On-the-Ground Experience in Education

Only organizations that are deeply knowledgeable of and trusted by local communities can help overcome the barriers of cost, culture, and tradition to bring education to more African girls. It is here that TAATA KIDS  members excel.

Our member organizations that support girls education are experienced in helping girls and young women go to school. Some focus on girls in elementary school, others on girls in high school, technical school or college. What these organizations all have in common is that they work in local communities under conditions specific to the culture, location, and country. Although education is a universal need, every student faces unique challenges. We understand this and work to ensure that each girl has what she needs to attend, stay, and succeed in school.