Our volunteer Soline, is trying to raise money for us. She wants to help Taata Kids International School and fight with us for quality of education for Africa.

Please find below why Soline try to raise money for . Let’s also find the link for helping us, please feel free to share.

To help us :

“Hello everybody, 

I’m Soline a young French woman (22 years). I’m currently in Uganda, to work as a volunteer in a little school called Taata Kids (Namakwekwe Estate – Mbale Town). My goal is to raise fund and I hope you can help me with reaching it. 

I have travelled a lot and I knew that coming to Uganda will be difficult with the difference of culture, the way of life, the accommodations and the poverty. As a volunteer, I have to work with the cutest kids but I’m also in contact with public, parents and so on. 

Uganda is a little African country, where poverty is omnipresent. Contrary to European system, school is not mandatory. Free school doesn’t exist. The fees are expensive, and many parents can’t afford to pay for their children’s education. These kids are in the streets and sometimes they have to work (child labor). Actually, according to the estimation, around 45% of Uganda’s children are still non-educated and don’t go to school. 

To the kids who are lucky to go to school, like in Taata Kids, the school staff and the volunteers like me, try to find ways to allow them to study in good conditions. That the reason why I’m here.

First of all, you have to know, that Taata Kids is renting lands where the school have been built (nursery in one side and primary the other side) and also the office. The fees are not the same each month, they can increase. So, the school could be suspended one month, because Taata Kids would not have enough money to pay. Nowadays, to rent the 3 lands, it takes around 390 euros per month, that to say 1700000 Ugandan shilling and it’s very expensive. 

Moreover, Taata Kids build some new classroom, renovate the building that do not belong to them. 

We are trying to raise money for getting out of poverty and fight for education. Taata Kids would like to buy two more lands to implant the nursery school, the primary school and the office but also one big area, so that the kids could play there. 

But to reach this goal, Taata Kids needs some help and funds. This will affect children education, teachers work and all the school staff. 

Then, Taata kids would want to do a big project: build and open some “Child House” on the same area as the school. These houses would welcome pupils from 5 to 20.

The goal of these houses is to gather orphans, vulnerable kids, some students who don’t have family or do have some difficulties. 

These houses will provide young people with a shelter, will allow them to keep their dignity, live with other students and some friends.

They would be able to access to a shelter but also to food, water, power, education and a good environment. (nursemaid, housekeeper, cooker and foreign volunteer) and for sure a lot of love.  

Each house will provide bedrooms, with beds, a kitchen, bathroom, and a living room. They will be supervised by Mamas and they would welcome around 10 children. 

So, in this area, if Taata Kids gather enough money, new classrooms will be built to welcome the pupils. These classrooms will be painted, and power and water will be connected. In fact, a new school will be built. 

In the same place, two little shops, a library, an informatic class (with computers and so on) and a big playground will be set up. 

Taata Kids wish is also to have in the same place a little medical clinic, which will deliver medicines to the students. The nurses would be able to act in case of emergency and do the first aid acts, as all the employees. 

Taata Kids runs to a sustainable ecology. The goal is to have some fields, where some maize, bananas, cabbages, carrot, tomatoes will raise. Those will be used for the children and staff meals and the extra will be sold at the market so that money can be collected. 

This project will have a real social impact. The goal is to have a quality education for Africa, to educate more pupils, save some children from child labor. 

Finally, the last thing, that Taata kids would like to have is a “volunteer house”, to allow kids to be open-minded. It’s important for them to meet people who come from to all the world, and just share happy moments. The volunteers are more than welcome, and they can choose the project they want to take part of (teaching English, helping to build, playing with the child, helping the mama…) Thus, the volunteers will have great accommodation, like a room, living room and 3 meals a day will be provided.

But, unfortunately this beautiful project at this moment is still a dream full of hope, because of the lack of money. For example:

  • To start the project, (buy the land, and connection water and electricity) Taata kids would need $13 300. 
  • To build a new school, the classroom, and the share places, the CBO would need $31 300
  • To build all the house and buy all the equipment, Taata Kids would need $22 500. 

Apart from this big project, unfortunately this week, a wall felt on the “Baby” playground. It is not a playground anymore, there is a lot a of dust and stone. Moreover, they used to have a glider and a tourniquet and some old caoutchouc wheel to have fun, but they are very old, dirty and simply broken. That one of the reasons why we would like to raise some money: 

  • Make the soil safe in the playground, put off the stones. 
  • Buy new outside games to the kids for having fun with their friends. 

Then we would paint and decorate the classes which are becoming very old and in a bad shape. We want them to be welcoming, warm and try to make the child happy to come to school, learn many things and have a good education in a good environment. But we don’t have enough money to buy the paint and the accessories because of the work we did outside of the school. 

The last reason, that I’m looking for you and your generosity, is about the children’s desk. We would like to have news more desks, because sometimes, 6 students share one. 

I’m aware that Africa and Africans people are not a priority for some of us. But they are still human beings, the education and the school are still necessary as it makes us who we are. That is a fundamental part of the life and each people should be educated, should go to school whatever the salary of his parents, whatever where he lives, his sex, color or religion.

I would like to thank all the people who have been taken time to read me about the fund raising for this little school which fights for education in Uganda. And I thank all the people who could contribute to this project, whatever the amount of money you can give.