During your free time in TAATA KIDS, you can spend your time at the volunteer house, getting to know the town, travel to the beach, mountains, and volcanoes or visit the nearest country like LAKE VICTORIA  which is 4 to 6 hrs away from the city by bus.

As a volunteer, you can expect to teach up to a maximum of 6 hours per day with the weekends free.

If you are interested in having a healthy lifestyle, you can start your morning on a normal school day by going to the nearby park called ELGON or gym to exercise. You can also drop by a bakery for breakfast or go to the market to buy groceries. For lunch, you can have it at home or choose from various eateries nearby the school.

The school typically ends around 4 – 5 pm. From school, you can walk to the central area of MBALE  to access the bigger market or The street offers a variety of restaurants and bars.


You may also choose to travel to a nearby country before or after the program. In the last 10 years, volunteers normally backpack all through AFRICA as it is a cheap and unique experience.

We would be happy to support and provide you with information if you need advice or suggestions for safe and fun activities.