2018 marks 19 years since TAATA KIDS  begun supporting children on the streets and their families. Our aim is to get children off the streets, rehabilitate them, and provide basic and if possible higher education to enable them become productive.

TAATA KIDS  comprises of four project centers located in Mbale,  open to assist children. The children come in daily to wash, eat, receive counsel, play, learn and take a rest. The dream of most children is to be able to attend school and whenever possible children are reunited with members of their families.

Sadly, the number of children on the streets increases day by day due to a number of factors such as increased domestic violence, poverty cycle,droughts, landslides which displaced people in the Mbale region, HIV/AIDS orphans, pressure to work and earn a living to support their families(child labor) and due to peer pressure.

TAATA KIDS  has been able to support 361 (both male and female) children through its four centers. We work with the whole family and not just children. The families are empowered with knowledge and skills to look after their own physical needs before they could participate in the development of their communities.

We strive to introduce programs throughout the year for young people at the TAATA KIDS  centers such as computer learning, entrepreneurship skills to expose them to new and relevant information knowledge. We endeavor to increase child participation in our work, in their families and community so that their voices can be heard and included in decision making.

Networking and collaboration with other agencies enhances TAATA KIDS’ ability to provide quality services as well as share and learn from other organizations and individuals’ promising practices.

We thank all our development partners, individuals, churches, and companies for the generous donations. Such donations enable  TAATA KIDS  to accomplish orphanage school, thus improving the lives of children on the streets. The TAATA KIDS  Board of Directors provides great expertise and as a team we work tirelessly to achieve our goals.

Above all, we thank all the children and young people who participate in the TAATA KIDS program.

You made the choice to change your lives. Well done!

Abraham Robert Kintu