Famine in Eastern Uganda

May the world know that families in Eastern Uganda, are dying of famine. Families have been reduced to eating insects and some are even eating their family dogs. I reported on this matter weeks ago but today I have witnessed one of the worst situation, a family of 6 members, which is about 9 miles away from TAATA KIDS  Center was caught eating a deadbody of an old man who was buried yesterday. I can affirm that this family isn’t a born cannibal it’s hunger which has reduced them to such levels. I have attended over 10 funerals of people who have died of starvation. May the world wake up to attend to this crisis. It’s not only TAATA KIDS  making this appeal but I am speaking for millions out here.

We are creating the Food Busker Fund – inclusive is Maize flour/posh, rice & kidney beans. A busker cost $52 and can feed a family of 5 for a month.

We want to thank all friends who makes sure that children at TAATA KIDS Orphanage Center gets good feeding, education, medical care and other basic needs monthly.

We much appreciate. God bless you abundantly.

May we find it in our hearts to save a life.

Your donate by using Mobile  Money on

User name: Abraham Robert Kintu

Airtel line: +256753434999

Its very quick and cheapest

Thank You for Your Financial Support

Thank you for considering financial involvement with Highway Of Holiness –TAATA KIDS. Your gift will help spread to save street children, orphans and needy mothers.