We provide free intermediate education in our catch-up classes for children aged 4-15 inMbale, whose parents can’t afford to send them to school. Our aim is to get these children, with mostly no previous formal education, to a standard where they are able to pass an entrance exam in a mainstream school. We then find people to partner with us in Sponsoring a Child to these mainstream schools, for just £20 per month.

As well as sponsoring children into school we also have a scholarship program for those wanting to attend a vocational training school, this is mainly for individuals aged 15-25.

If you feel you could change the future of an individual living in poverty through education then we would love to hear from you. Click on the button below  to support.

You don’t just give money, you give hope.

We create a loving home for every child in our care. Give orphaned children a family by making a donation to our charity.

Your donate by using Mobile  Money on

User name: Abraham Robert Kintu

Airtel line: +256753434999

Its very quick and cheapest

OR  send the Materials on address below :


Thank You for Your Financial Support

Thank you for considering financial involvement with Highway Of Holiness –TAATA KIDS. Your gift will help spread to save street children, orphans and needy mothers.

“Together we can make a difference “