Distorted Christianity

Many people think that the gospel of Christ is something that is only pertinent when a person is on his deathbed. So they live their life, hoping they will get a chance to “get right with God” just before they die – as if God is the God of the dead, with a particular interest in those wretched corpses that are worn out through all kinds of sinning. They think a person’s youth with its strength is best used to serve Satan. But, if someone finally – after years of procrastination – does get converted To make a decision to turn away from sin and darkness, from the power of the devil to the living God. We repent from our former sins, cast off our old life – a life which enjoyed living in the passing pleasures of sin – and lay hold of a new mind – a mindset that is determined to resist… More, then God has tremendous difficulty getting them to quit their sinful habits – one by one – that cling so closely.

Generally, people’s fear of God brings them no further than dropping in now and then to some church or chapel to listen to a sermon. Like people up to their knees in mud, they cling to all their old sinful habits, grudgingly slogging along as if the Christian life is something from Satan himself. No wonder young people are afraid of this sort of Christianity and avoid it like the plague.