Build a school and bring hope through education

It’s remarkable how little money is required to build or refurbish a school in rural Ugandas. But just think… a seemingly small donation by you today can make a huge difference tomorrow in the life of a child who is hunger for an education.
With your financial help, we will ensure that hundreds of children in Eastern Uganda have access to quality public education, thereby raising the standard of living for an entire future generation.We to renovate, expending and building another new block of classes. This will help us recruit many outside children into the orphanage school. This outside children who are not orphans will be paying some little fees to help in giving teachers and non staff allowances.
If we expand the school it will be also another source of income to help the total orphans.

What are we doing now?

Taata Kids is also building a larger and better school outside of town. Right now, Taata is renting all of their buildings. Land has been purchased and construction has begun on a new primary school, offices and eventually the guest house will be moved there too for volunteer’s accommodation. Another cool thing is, even though construction isn’t complete, the community really wanted to have some classes going on because there are no schools in that area. So right now, in some of the incomplete classrooms, there are about 5 classes for primary students and orphanage home for babies. Construction right now is a stand still due to funds. We are currently raising money to keep building. We have lots of bricks and sand but we need money for labor and for cement. Can you help us? I really believe in Taata Kids and I think that this is a great project to donate too. Spread the word too if you wish! When more money comes in, you can see the building grow in my pictures!

We want to thank all friends who makes sure that children at TAATA KIDS Orphanage Center gets good feeding, education, medical care and other basic needs monthly.

We much appreciate. God bless you abundantly.

Please make a donation today.

Your donate by using Mobile  Money on

User name: Abraham Robert Kintu

Airtel line: +256753434999

Its very quick and cheapest

Thank You for Your Financial Support

Thank you for considering financial involvement with Highway Of Holiness –TAATA KIDS. Your gift will help spread to save street children, orphans and needy mothers.

“Together we can make a difference “