Volunteering is another way to get involved in Taata Kids , which allows you to immerse yourself in the Ugandan lifestyle at the same time that you help and make a difference in the community. Because by joining us, you will learn about a new culture, language, gastronomy,… and also make new friends that can become a new family. But at the same time you will be helping to change our lifes by imparting a new language,and teaching  values and skills to our children.You will be very welcome to volunteer, but first of all you have to be sure that you are ready for it! To do so, we came up with some recommendations to help you make this important decision. 


Ask yourself if you are ready to spend all this time in a culture completely different than yours and adapt to it! For example the different accommodation, food, weather,… Try to imagine yourself in this new environment and check if this is what you are looking for.


Do some research about Uganda, explore its history and culture and discover what makes this country so special. You can do it by looking in website forums, documentaries or videos, or directly from the experience of previous volunteers. After this, try to imagine yourself living in Uganda and embracing our culture!

Also, we recommend you to read our website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) and learn about us. Understand our work and requirements and see if it is suited to your interests, skills and experience so that you can feel meaningful and make a difference while staying with us.

Prepare Emotionally

After all the information you have, reflect on everything you will go through once you are here and check if you are ready for it. It is also important that you try to imagine yourself going back to your country after this trip and adapting to it after all the new experiences you will have lived.

Talk About your Trip

As well, you have to consider that you will spend a long time away from your significant ones, so we suggest you talk with them about your ideas before applying ,to help you make a decision and support you in all the preparation process.


To help you get an idea of what volunteering with us means, you can read our conditions and what we can offer you:





The staff of TAATA KIDS will be in contact with you since the first day when you start the application process. Before you depart to Uganda, our staff will provide you with all the information that you need regarding visa, immigration requirements, advice about airlines and flight tickets, travel insurance.
We will send pre-depart medical information (vaccinations and tropical virus prevention) to help you prepare for your doctor’s visit before coming to Uganda. Additional information on your accommodation, safety and living costs will be provided.


You will  probably arrive to Entebbe International Airport  , where you can be picked up by our staff with a placard of TAATA KIDS.  It’s also a possibility to come by yourself, just let us know!


-sharing room

-renting in coomunity

-renting in a guesthouse

You have the option to stay at the TAATA KIDS’S director’s house, or another of our host families in a shared room with other volunteers is it applies. All the  accommodations are safe, clean and comfortable on a basic level.  You can also choose to stay in a rented guesthouse o in your own rented house in the community.  It’s up to you!


Taking all this into account , if you think Taata Kids is what you are looking for you can contact us by email at and we’ll be very glad to welcome you!