Taata Kids Foundation is an non profit organization founded by Abraham Kintu Robert in 2004, in the eastern town of Uganda, Mbale. Taata means father (in local language) so Taata Kids means father of the children!

This project started as an intention to offer proper schooling to the needy kids of Mbale, and has continued since then making a huge impact in the life of these children and in the improvement of the community. All this is achieved by empowering and educating the students, who are vulnerable to traditional cultural practices such as child labour and forced early marriage or to the exposure of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, by giving them the means to escape and overcome these conditions.

Besides the school , Taata Kids runs a church and a women’s resource center, which  empowers the women from the community by helping them create their own initiatives and earn their own money. For example, by producing and selling handmade soap! But these are just some of the projects we have already created, since there are many others we haven’t achieved yet due to the lack of money, such as building more classes at the school or creating an orphanage centre.

But Taata Kids is not only an organization, it is a family! It represents a shelter for the children but also a helping hand, a smile, and lots of love and appreciation for whoever wants to join it. This is why our second goal is to spread our philosophy and inspire other schools and new projects to do the same, and therefore empower Africa as much as it can be.

As the foundation’s motto says “The storm is over”!


 At the moment, Taata Kids still has many projects that will become true in the future, with all the effort we put in them and some of your help! These projects are:

  • Buying the school’s land, since right now we are renting it.
  • Building new classes in the school, due to the amount of kids we have per class, and improving the old classes as well.
  • Building an orphanage for the most vulnerable ones. This project will be placed in a land that we already own 5 miles away from the school, but that we haven’t had enough money to construct yet!
  • And many others that we’ll achieve in the future with your help!


To see empowered and transformed children and  all community.


Empowering and Transforming children and all community for better living.


1. Solidarity – we are committed to working and helping students who are exposed economic disadvantages
2. Respect – we respect differences, and we treat everyone with fairly, equitably and inclusively
3. Honesty – we demonstrate integrity in our image, words, actions, and projections. We strive to be truthfully and trustworthy at all times
4. Responsibility – Being accountable in our work and commitment