For all children to have the support required to realize their abilities. We rehabilitating vulnerable children in Uganda. we help by transforming street children still leaving on the street going through the same hell that i went through and the most disadvantaged children by looking sponsors for their better education, Medical care, Nutrition, productive and self-sustainable to overcome poverty through skills empowerment for social transformation. Many of the children go on streets because either their all or one of their parents died of AIDS and other related and tropical diseases or because they are abused by their parents due to the high level irresponsible drinking of alcohol that render these parents being not in control of providing the necessary basic family needs hence children resort to streets in search of a living. We are community charity established in 2004 by Kintu Abraham as a founder.

Mission: Empowering and transforming the next generational  

Vision: Empowered and Transformed children in Uganda 

Our community are so welcoming and friendly and love having visitors. We have beautiful weather and anyone can easily adjust to it. We give Volunteers a chance to visit different places here and learn more about our culture and the environment. Expect to have lots of fun with us. If you have never crossed the equator can you expect this on your first day in Uganda!