TAATA KIDS MINISERIES is a ministry started by Abraham Kintu Robert, as a non profit ministry 2004, Empowering and Transforming  children and all community in Uganda. We help by giving these children the means for a better life through education and psycho-social support. Our schools and rescue programs are currently helping needy children in Mbale, we’re owning land where the new construction progressing for orphanage school. These children are vulnerable to dangerous traditional cultural practices that were exposing them to the dangers of child labour, heavy domestic work, sexual abuse, forced early marriage, exposure to HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies. Every day we are helping more and more children to escape this lifestyle by lending a helping hand and offering an education and care.

We believe that it is up to the next generation to break the cycle, and unify a continent whose unfathomable potential has been locked for over a century. Our curriculum focuses on inspiring a sense of purpose in the hearts of each child by teaching them one person can be the difference. Not only do we hope to expand our schools across Africa, but more importantly, to spread the project’s philosophy.

The people in our community are so welcoming and friendly and love having visitors. We have beautiful weather and anyone can easily adjust to it. We give Volunteers a chance to visit different places here and learn more about our culture and the environment. Expect to have lots of fun with us. If you have never crossed the equator can you expect this on your first day in Uganda.


To see empowered and transformed children and  all community.


Empowering and Transforming children and all community for better living.


1. Solidarity – we are committed to working and helping students who are exposed economic disadvantages
2. Respect – we respect differences, and we treat everyone with fairly, equitably and inclusively
3. Honesty – we demonstrate integrity in our image, words, actions, and projections. We strive to be truthfully and trustworthy at all times
4. Responsibility – Being accountable in our work and commitment

Always we say “The Storm is Over”