Taata Kids Miniseries is a non profitable  organisation in Uganda that focuses on helping the most vulnerable children and orphans to have a better living.
We have two location in Entebbe as Head office and Mbale field office in Eastern Uganda.
Taata kids school
More than 350 students from the home and community attend our schools through our sponsorship program. They are provided with a future-proof education based on the Ugandan National Curriculum supplemented with extra activities.
We believe that it is up to the next generation to break the cycle, and unify a continent whose unfathomable potential has been locked for over a century. Our curriculum focuses on inspiring a sense of purpose in the hearts of each child by teaching them one person can be the difference. Not only do we hope to expand our schools across Africa, but more importantly, to spread the project’s philosophy.
HOW YOU CAN HELP: All of this would not be possible without help from you! Find out how you can help us by sponsoring a child, sponsoring an education, volunteering at the school or by making a donation.

OUR VISION:  Empowered and transformed children in Africa.

“we believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty within families and the community as a whole”