Welcome to Taata Kids! Our passion is to improve the life of the poorest children and the community in our town of Mbale, through education and empowerment, support, healthcare and nutrition, child protection and advocacy. Our hope is that through this approach (holistic development approach) children will experience a better today and brighter tomorrow.

Learning a new way to volunteer, You teaching me, Me teaching you
a new experience, different culture… And wonderful people


The phrase TAATA KIDS  has  different meanings depending on your point of view – a traveler, a volunteer or a local. For you, it represents the possibility to learn about a new culture, language, places, gastronomy… in other words, live like an Ugandan! At the same time,

TAATA KIDS  applies to us, to our people. You will be helping us change our lives by imparting new language, values, and skills to our children, our future generations.

Do you want to learn about yourself while volunteering?

You are very welcome to contribute in any of the possible ways we explain in our website ( volunteering, sponsorship, donations,…), and help us make an impact in the life of these kids.                           For example, it is evident that the time we have hosted volunteers, our children have improved their English skills, critical thinking, creative writing and many other competencies in class. Also parents and care givers have learnt transferable skills that improve their well being and protection of their children . So don’t hesitate!

By joining us you will be helping us to reach our goal of breaking the poverty wheel in Africa, and becoming part of a new family at the same time.


If you need more info, please contact us at :


WhatsApp :+256753434999