Learning a new way to volunteer, You teaching me, Me teaching you
a new experience, different culture… And wonderful people

Our passion is to improve the lives of poorest children and community through education support, healthcare and nutrition, child protection and advocacy. It is evident that the time we have hosted volunteers, our children at school have improved their English speaking skills, critical thinking, creative writing and multiple competencies in class. Parents and care givers have also learnt transferable skills that improve their well being and protection of their children. Through our approach (holistic development approach) children will experience a better today and brighter tomorrow. Kindly join us for this cause. Please feel free to ask any question about how we do. https://www.facebook.com/taatakidsorganization.org/

Do you want to learn about yourself while volunteering?

TAATA KIDS MINISERIES is a phrase with different meanings depending on which point of view you are taking – a traveler, a volunteer or a local. Learning about a new culture, language, places, gastronomy, making new friends and why not a new family, living like a Ugandan is the TAATA KIDS MINISERIES that applies to you. At the same time, TAATA KIDS MINISERIES applies to us, to our people. You will be helping to change our lives imparting new language, values, and skills to our children, our future generations and be connected with us in a long friendship.


We teach English to our schools where the students come from families who are economically disadvantaged.

The program runs from Monday to Friday with school hours from 7 am to 12 pm for the morning session and 1 pm to 5 pm for the afternoon session. We focus mainly on the younger students from the 1° grade to 7° grade. We also offer help in other areas such as sports, dance, computer and values lessons. At the end of the year, we reap the fruits of our labor with the group of all- rounded students attending our school.

You can expect a varied experience when you arrive at different seasons of the year. To help decide which period you would like to volunteer.

Do you need more info :kidstaata@gmail.com WhatsApp +256753434999