Hello, Very nice to have interest in our organistion TAATA KIDS. My name is Abraham , I work with a christian non profit making Community based organization found in Mbale Town Uganda. I lead a group of professionals who are committed to improve the well being of less fortunate children and their families.

We are community based and child focused. Our passion is to improve the lives of poorest children through education support, healthcare and nutrition, child protection and advocacy. We work together with private and government aided schools, churches and other partner organizations. It is evident that the time we have hosted volunteers, our children both at home and at school have improved their English speaking skills, critical thinking, creative writing and multiple competencies in class. Parents and care givers have also learnt transferable skills that improve their well being and protection of their children. Through our approach (holistic development approach) children will experience a better today and brighter tomorrow. Kindly join us for this cause. Please feel free to ask any quastion about how we do. https://www.facebook.com/taatakidsorganization.org/