TAATA KIDSĀ  social workers visit the streets often to identify children on the streets. Day and night surveys are also carried out on a quarterly basis to establish the number of part time and full time children on the streets. The causes and numbers of children on the streets are established and appropriate help is given to the children.

What they do on the streets

On the streets, children engage themselves in different activities such as:- Child labor ( odd jobs ranging from cleaning to carrying heavy loads), Theft, Begging, Sniffing glue/petroleum, Drug abuse, Sexual abuse and use of vulgar language.

Problems children face while on streets

Children on the streets suffer harassment, cold nights, various sicknesses, child abuse, child labour, sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, hunger, lack of sanitary facilities, mob justice and many times they are sent to prison for petty crimes because they do no have anyone to bail them out.